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Can you change the world? Have you got a great idea? We want to hear from you!

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The Blue Thread Big Ideas Fund supports young people to develop socially positive, mission-driven tikkun olam projects inspired by Jewish values and aimed at creating change in the world.

We are excited to find the next generation of social change leaders who will create positive impact to the Jewish community and/or beyond.

We welcome applicants who are at the beginning of their journey, who have big plans and visionary ambition. We know that there are changemaking ideas out there and we want to support them.


About the funding

The Blue Thread Big Ideas Fund will award grant funding up to £3,000 to successful projects. We will also provide expertise, guidance, support, and advice tailored to each project’s needs. Funding can be awarded to a young person or group of young people. Project leaders should be aged 16-25, but members of a project group might be older or younger. We would expect projects to be at an early stage, and that this funding will be catalytic, enabling new ideas to get off the ground.

You might want to tackle poverty, violence, discrimination, wellbeing, education, or another issue that is important to you and is having a significant impact on other people today. You might have an idea for a product, a programme, a campaign, partnership or experiment. Ideas should draw on values and Jewish teachings on charity, social action and community service. If you think you have a good idea, we want to hear about it!


How to apply

We welcome applications in any format: written (word, powerpoint or pdf), images, video or any other way you think best to tell your story.

Your application should tell us:

  • What the problem is, how big the problem is, who it affects and how 

  • How the project will help to solve the issue you have identified 

  • What you plan to do, why you need funding to do it, and how you’ll spend funding received

  • A bit about you: your age and where you live, why you want to do this and your journey to get here

If you want to ask any questions or chat about your application please email Hannah:

Our team will evaluate applications and will look for:

·       A well-defined problem which clearly affects people in a meaningful way

·       A clear and convincing solution which could make a meaningful difference to the problem and to people’s lives

·       A good plan for action which is clear about how the project will be developed and what impact you aim to achieve

·       Bold, exciting, creative, innovative, new, unusual, ambitious, quirky, entertaining ideas which would bring something new to the Jewish community and/or beyond

Please email your application to Hannah at by 10pm Sunday 10th January 2021. We will aim to review applications in January and let you know if you have been successful in February.


Future opportunities

We want to make sure that the Blue Thread Big Ideas Fund learns by doing and continues to evolve. We therefore expect to learn from this round of applications and enhance the programme over time. We plan to run further funding rounds, so if you don’t have an idea now, do come back!


Keeping in touch and building the Ideas Network

We will want to stay in touch with people we fund, to find out about their progress, learn about their work, and offer support beyond funding. We do not want to create burdensome reporting requirements but we do want to know what impact the Fund and its grantees are making and how we can continue to offer support.

We will therefore ask grantees to join a sharing session around 3-4 months after their grant is received to share their work with us and other grantees in the group.

In these sessions we hope that everyone will learn from and draw on each other, building networks and further opportunities as well as creating a supportive environment for everyone to develop and grow.


Previously supported ideas


The Advocacy Academy

Founded by Amelia Viney

The Advocacy Academy is a charitable organisation based in London. The Advocacy Academy's stated mission is to "train young people to engage in collective action to improve their communities and tackle social issues that directly affect them".

Contact Us

You can find more information about The Blue Thread at, and you can keep update with news and announcements on Twitter @The_Blue_Thread.


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